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This feature gives you the ability to favorite any item on the site for a more customized way to shop. You can quickly and easily select the star under any product to add an item to your favorites. You can view all of your favorited items by going to ‘My Favorites’ in the top navigation.


Notes gives you the ability to add specific comments to any product on the site. You can use these as a note to self or also when selling, as additional messaging to a potential buyer. You can view all of your notes on any product by going to ‘Account’ -> ‘My Notes’.


Collections give you the ability to create segmented groups of items. Collections can be created with any mix of products on the site and can be used for customer programs, review or updates. Products can live in multiple collections and will automatically update with product changes or drop out of the collection if discontinued or closed out.
The best part about collections is the ability to send your collection to other users. By copying the link to your specific collection, you can send it to any potential customer even if they do not have an account and they can see your curated collection for them. You can easily create a new collection or add to an existing collection by using the collection icon under any product. You can view all of your collections by going to ‘My Collections’ in the top navigation.


The guides category on the site has a breakdown of all icons, measuring tips, garment information, Bulwark fabric, and legal information. This section of the site is considered to be the informational portion of the WPG and can be used as a quick reference point for you.


By going to ‘Guides’ -> ‘Digital Catalogs’, you are able to access the digital version of all VF Workwear catalogs. These can be downloaded or sent to a customer. You can also add these to any collection you have on your account.


Every product allows you to create a sell sheet for it on the product page. These can be used for any sales opportunity as a great resource. The sell sheets include information from the product page, lot number and colorway choices, as well as the fit table if necessary. Our newest feature is being able to select which colorway you want as the main image as well as the ability to exclude specific color options. Once these selections have been made on the module, by clicking ‘Download Sell Sheet’, your custom sell sheet will save to your computer.